At Phase ll Academy, our success is predicated upon the belief that provided the opportunity to participate in an effective personalized life skills and employment training program, individuals with special needs will become worthwhile contributors in the community. We provide extended learning opportunities that will increase our participants’ success in their communities and in their daily lives. An important goal of our program is to provide our participants the opportunity to be in a diverse environment. Our program features technology based instruction, employment training , customized employment and follows the goals and objectives of the ISP.


We are dedicated to providing our participants life skills training in a supportive environment. The goals of our program are to plan and administer a comprehensive program that will provide an effective personalized life skills training program for individuals with special needs and to garner support for his/her acceptance as a worthwhile contributor in the community. Another goal is to preserve and strengthen family and kinship ties.


Our success is predicated upon our belief that we must approach helping others with an open heart and mind. This approach allows us to tap into and pull out the learning potential of each participant. We are confident, we can help make the life journey of your loved one a successful experience.


We provide services to individuals from different cultures and backgrounds. The valuing of diversity in the organization is no longer a social goal.  With the make-up of this society changing so rapidly, this organization does take into account the needs of individuals from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.