Program and Design Administration

Phase ll Academy designs programmatic and personalized plans for each participant through an aggressive assessment process that includes consistent communication with family and caregivers. Plans are implemented and supported by written documentation in the form of reports, physician orders, visitation notes, progress notes, and other pertinent documentation necessary to measure plan goals.


Day Habilitation: Life skills instruction including money management, basic computer skills, health and hygiene, social skills, general language arts, functional communication.

Physical Therapy: Addresses the person’s strength, range of motion, balance and coordination, posture, muscle performance, respiration, and motor functions.

Prevocational Habilitation: Social skills training and worksite skills training to prepare individuals for paid or unpaid employment and training in our Entrepreneur Program.

Behavioral Support: Services that assist individuals in developing alternative and more effective communication, adaptive and coping mechanisms and enable the individual to achieve positive personal outcomes.

Supported Employment :  Intake and assessment activities include conductiong individualized vocational and situational assessments, developing individualized employment plans that include the person’s job preferences and desires.  Training and participation in our Entrepreneur Program.